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About Us

Our company, which was established in Istanbul in 1992, has improved itself every year in terms of both presentation areas and production facilities by constantly following innovations and technological developments.

In particular, we aim to offer the highest quality under the most favorable conditions, with our 4 separate stores of 9300 mt2 and our production area over 7000 m2, where we can present our products to you.


Unlike many companies in the sector, a very large percentage of our products are manufactured in our own facilities and delivered to you by our own employees.

This is our assurance that the products are produced with great care during the preparation stages and that they reach you with the same precision.

This feeling of trust is the power behind the high level of relations between both our products and our staff.

In its 31st year, our company is happy to serve you with both product options and architectural solutions suitable for your living or business area.

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